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Mitchell Coombes is known as Australia’s most trusted spiritual medium and his first book, Sensing Spirit, is a bestseller. He is also the author of Sensing Psychic, Signs from Spirit: Inspiring true stories from the afterlife, and the creator of the Psychic Soul Oracle Cards.

Mitchell has helped thousands of people worldwide from all walks of life through his extraordinary gift of mediumship, bringing them comfort and transforming lives.

In the media

As well as his television appearances on Channel 7’s The Morning Show, Mitchell writes a weekly advice column for Woman’s Day magazine, and is a regular guest on numerous radio shows, including Breakfast with Tanya Wilks and Steve G on Newcastle’s 102.9 Triple M.

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Mitchell regularly tours Australia with his sell-out events and spiritual development workshops.

My Story

Born and raised in Newcastle, Australia, Mitchell comes from a long line of gifted clairvoyants that stretches back more than 400 years.

“As a small child, I’d often wake during the night and see ‘green people’ standing at the foot of my bed. At first I was petrified, but after gentle reassurance from Mum, I soon realised they were the spirits of people’s loved ones coming to visit with messages.”

Throughout his childhood, Mitchell would regularly hear voices and see ‘other worldly faces’ of people who had passed away. Today, he is a highly sought-after and respected medium, whose messages of love, hope and healing have brought joy and comfort to countless numbers of people.

“I truly believe we are all born with a special gift to share. My gift allows me to bring through messages from the Spirit World – it’s a gift for which I’m eternally grateful.”

Mitchell resides in Newcastle, Australia, and has worked professionally as a spiritual medium and healer for over 17 years.


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